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Domoto DesTi (D.T.)
26 November
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This is Domoto DesTi (D.T.) ^_^ Nice to meet you all! This journal is semi-friends. Since I cannot handle having two journals (one for my translations and one for my personal life), I decided to just mesh them into this journal that I use the most, lol. My lyrics, interviews, blogs, etc. translations are posted here and will remain public. Most of the personal stuff will be Friend-locked. Feel free to add me but I won't add you back unless we've actually talked a bit.

All my translations are organized in my MEMORABLE ENTRIES. Go there to see them all nice and organized by artist ^O^ You can also check my TAGS where everything is actually probably more organized than the memories haha. I guess I do lyrics the most though because they're the easiest and shortest XDDDD

Be aware that I DO NOT appreciate stealing! If you would like to post any of my translations on your own site, etc. please ask for my permission. CREDIT IS ALWAYS NECESSARY. All you have to do is e-mail me or comment on one of my posts. I'm a pretty nice person and would most likely say yes (unless you have evil intentions) so don't be shy - JUST ASK. That's not too hard is it?
I'll try to keep posting as often as possible, but translating isn't that easy especially if it's a long interview (you wouldn't believe how long it took me to translate the Yoshiki ones I have up O_O). So please comment when you read any of my posts as it really motivates me to continue d^O^b!

A little note, my miscellaneous memories would have interviews that don't fit under any particular artist because they include too many. So in there would be contests, and things like that ^O^

All interviews and pictures are translated and scanned by DesTi unless otherwise noted.

* The "w-inds. - Another Days" interview has lyrics translations from WFL L*yrics site wonderfully translated by Moka

You can't tell at all but I'm actually a mega-JRock fan. I first came into contact with JRock in 1996. I owe it to my two older brothers for changing my life and playing a certain JRock song while I was rolling around on the floor. Naturally, the song caught my attention immediately and after asking my brother cutely (lol), "who is this?" the reply I got was "Rosier by LUNA SEA" So that was my initiation into the world of JRock (and bishounens).I am thus also a yaoi fan. muhaha.

LUNA SEA is my favorite band of all time so don't even try to insult them in my presence. LUNA SEA was really the only JRock band I listened to (but I was aware of the other big names like X JAPAN and L'Arc and GLAY and Siam Shade) until a few years ago I decided to venture out and explore the rest of the JRock world. And then I really got into it, and yes, JRock is my life. I can't live without it. I don't publicly fangirl it as much as I'd like too however because when LUNA SEA disbanded, I believe JRock died with them. They will forever hold a special place in my heart though, so don't mess with that or Imma pummel you.
KinKi Kids gets the other half of my J-Music love. They're my favorite JPop group and I love them to bits. If you know me, you'll know that I LOVE AND ADORE both Koichi and Tsuyoshi *_*! I'd just die if I ever met them *_* (into their arms, of course - what better place to die than there?!) I can't even choose between them O_O They're both amazingly awesome in their own ways and together....*swoons*!!!

All of that plus ARASHI makes my fangirl world filled with bliss and happiness! Currently I'm going through an uber Nino craze *_*! homg, he's so cute or is it hot or cute or hot or cute or hot......@_@ *dreamy sigh* FYI, I was Jun-baited into ARASHI XDDDD He's still my favorite though I am getting daaaaaaaaaaangerously fond of Ohno O___O Aiba's too insane which is why I love him ? and Sho is off limits (long story XD). But whatever! I love them all!!!!!!!!!

I am also currently a translator for STORMY team sub where we do fansubs of ARASHI dramas, TV shows, etc.! Please join Aibakaland or our LJ community, stormy_team, to get our releases!

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